Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Desert Boy Goes Sledding

We've had a couple good storms lately bringing some much needed moisture to our desert area. So we packed up the sled and headed up into the mountains to a sledding hill to enjoy the wintery fun. There were about 20 people in all sledding (or spectating). I thought we should get started right away and hauled Desert Boy and a sled up a hill, where we were joined by a cute redhead. We were all ready to have fun...

...and then we met reality--snow in the faces! Neither Kara nor Desert Boy were happy about it. But not to worry, the fun didn't end there. 

The sledding hill was relatively big--that blob part way down one of the sled runs is two people on a sled. Now why is it that sleds are magically attracted to trees? Notice how many of the sled trails lead down to the one lone tree at the bottom?

Yep, Desert Boy found out about it the hard way.

And then again. He had the hardest time keeping his mittens on, and his little paws got cold and he hollered. Desert Boy doesn't exactly have a quiet voice, so everyone knew he wasn't happy. I decided to take him on another run to try to cheer him up.

But whaddya know, we ended up in that same tree. Desert Boy was not amused, so it was time to find a better sledding place for him. That better sledding place turned out to be the road. No snow up in his face, and a gentle ride where he didn't feel like he was at the mercy of gravitational pulls.

The bright side for us was an easy walk uphill.

And then a fun ride downhill. Desert Boy is actually smiling in this photo!

He got to ride with Daddy, too. 

And then Desert Boy got a ride with his little friend. She was having some issues with snow and gravitational pulls, too, and preferred the road to the big sledding hill.

Finally Desert Boy decided he was done and bailed. Maybe next year he'll embrace the fun of sledding. And maybe by then all my bumps and bruises will have healed--that sledding hill sure looks like fun but contains a lot of hidden obstacles!

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Caroline said...

That looks like a fun day! And a good one for hot chocolate!!

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