Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Desert Boy Rides a Horse in the Kitchen

This morning I was in the kitchen eating breakfast when Desert Boy came trotting in on his horse. I couldn't help myself, I totally cracked up. The little stuffed horse is tiny in comparison to him, but still he thought up the idea all on his own and had a lot of fun riding his horse.

He even had some good horse riding noises and made the horse go in all different directions.

After a bit of riding nicely, he decided it was time to get adventurous.

His California cousins do vaulting, gymnastics on horseback, so maybe he was inspired by them as he started doing some interesting moves.

How low can you go?

Golly, I wish I was so flexible!

But alas, even a toy horse can buck, and Desert Boy ends up flat on his back on the ground. 


Anonymous said...

One step closer to the day when he comes galloping in on Henry.

Germaine S said...

made my day. Reminds me of Desert Survivor as a little girl when she was convinced that she was a dog. She barked for days and days.

Desert Survivor said...

Thanks, Mom. I guess I don't have any secrets anymore.

Sarah said...

Loved the last photo of the effect of a bucking horse. Gotta watch out or you could get seriously hurt on that hard surface.


Caroline said...

Desert Boy is sooo darling, and brave!!! :)

I had a horse like that when I was little only it had a big, plastic head. He lived at our cabin in the mountains and was stabled in the basement. Good times!!


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, that is the cutest!!! Thanks for the early morning smiles!

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