Thursday, November 13, 2008

Hot Tamales

Yesterday I heard a knock on the door in the evening. I opened it to find a friend seeing if I wanted any tamales. She had just made them and they were still hot. Of course I said YES! Tamales are one of my favorite foods. I developed a taste for them when I lived in New Mexico and a lady brought them to work everyday to sell. I ate so many tamales that summer that I think my Spanish improved just from ingesting Mexican food. I never got tired of them. In fact, long stretches often go by that I find myself tamale-less, and those are sad days. A good tamale just makes the day go better.

I peel back the warm corn husk to find the inviting corn meal inside. The smell is fabulous, my taste buds are salivating (if taste buds salivate), and I can't wait to devour the tamale.

Except I have some competition. Desert Boy loves tamales too, and he can eat an entire tamale by himself. I don't think a 23.5 pound toddler should be able to eat a whole tamale. He should leave at least half for me.

Fortunately I bought two dozen, so we have enough to get us through a couple days. Yum. I'm in tamale heaven.


Anonymous said...

I'm so happy that my daughter's mother-in-law is the tamale queen of our town. I love them too! (They freeze really well, so you can stock up when necessary). The only downside is, she uses lard, so can't indulge too often.


Anonymous said...

oh, yummy

The Incredible Woody said...

We have a friend that was the recipient of his grandmother's secret tamale recipe. They are delicious. And he refuses to tell the secret!

flatbow said...

Hey Desert Boy, tastes better than dirt, eh?

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