Sunday, November 16, 2008

Desert Boy's Fashion Statement

Desert Boy is getting old enough so that he likes to make some of his own decisions. While I was putting clothes away yesterday, he found some clothes he wanted to put on---his airplane pajamas and winter boots. He was very happy when I dressed him in this stunning attire.

Until he got distracted by a book. He loves books. Fortunately he usually doesn't take too many books off the bookshelf at the same time. We're still working on the concept of putting books back on the bookshelf.

Desert Boy is trying a James Bond getaway move. Apparently the boots give him some extra power and agility. 

But then he reconsiders and decides the best way to get what he want is to strut his stuff unabashedly. Go Desert Boy, you're ready for the runway. (pun definitely intended)

p.s. Be sure to check back on Tuesday for a caption contest with a great prize. And tomorrow is a fun desert destination.


~*Liz*~ said...

He is precious! Love the blonde hair!

Found you from P-Dub's site. :)


The Incredible Woody said...

He is definitely rockin' that outfit!

Anonymous said...

Is that his "blue steel" or "magnum" look?

Anonymous said...

That isn't Blue Steel or Magnum because he isn't Ben Stiller. The hair is the dead give away, he's obviously Owen Wilson!

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