Saturday, November 15, 2008

School Auction

Every autumn the local schools hold a Harvest Festival with an auction as a fundraiser. People donate all sorts of different things, so the first thing you have to do when arriving at the school hall is cruise the tables of goodies to decide what you're going to bid on. There was quite an array this year, ranging from kids' toys to baked goods to original artwork to a crock pot and deer antler fireplace tools.

Before the bidding begins, everyone partakes of a potluck. I forgot to take a picture of the wonderful array of food, probably because I was the first one in line for the food. I really was. My excuse was that I wanted to get food quickly for Desert Boy so he would eat and behave. The reality was he only would eat desserts and he wanted to run around with the other kids.

Here are a couple nice ladies enjoying the delicious food. I just have to include their picture so if they look at the blog they can yell at me.

I was the only one taking pictures, so the kids had fun making faces for me and then wanting to see how the picture turned out. The wonder of digital cameras.

An original way to wear a headband.

Making crazy faces.

And then the auction began. I love bidding, it's so fun trying to figure out how high the other person or people are willing to bid. And because the money is all going to a good cause, it's okay to bid a little higher than you might otherwise. Apparently a lot of other people like to bid, too, because we had some fun little competitions.

My husband followed Desert Boy around as he tried to ransack the place, allowing me to bid on whatever I wanted. And I saw something that looked really neat, made right here in our valley, and I won the bid.

Here it is, a horseshoe lamp. The horseshoes are even from a couple local horses, so their memories will be preserved. It was a good night, and hopefully the funds raised will help the schools get all the supplies they need.

Just wondering, what's your favorite object you've bought at an auction?


Caroline said...

Yes, a horse.
But I lived through it....

The Incredible Woody said...

A beautiful tract of land. Only to have it taken away when all the lots were regrouped at the end!!

Sarah said...

A wall-sized street map at a bankruptcy auction for a car dealership.


Sarah said...

There is a rubber chicken that shows up at our professional association auctions. Last auction, people teamed up to bid on it, and we ended up pooling our highest bids for a good cause. Did I mention that it comes with accessories?

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