Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Desert Boy the Plumber

Desert Boy the Plumber says go vote today!

Because we live out in the boonies, we actually had to vote last week because we're a mail-in district and wanted to make sure our ballots got to the county clerk's office in time. I sort of miss going to a polling place, passing the people outside on the sidewalk trying to convince you at the last minute to vote for their candidate, waiting in line, and going into the little booth and pressing the buttons to make those important choices. On the other hand, mailing a ballot in does have some perks like being able to vote wearing pajamas.

Whatever the results, it will be nice to have an end to the advertisements, excessive TV coverage, and most of all, all the phone calls. The 45-second surveys generally last several minutes, and if a survey is supposed to last 5 minutes, you better be prepared for 15. Eeesh. A couple calls have been sort of amusing: a candidate saying he is for taking the water in our valley and exporting it (hmmm, I think we are the wrong target audience for that phone call), and another for a candidate that lives in Virginia. That dialer sure got the wrong area code!

Have a good election day, and if you have any plumbing problems, Desert Boy is really good at flushing.


Anonymous said...

Who did Desert Boy vote for? trucks? cars? cows? dirt?

The Incredible Woody said...

I vote for Desert Boy. Desert Boy for President!!

Annette said...

It's pouring rain today so I was decidedly grateful for the fact that I mailed in my ballot. :-)

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