Friday, December 19, 2008

Full Moon

When the last full moon came up over the mountains, I ran outside and tried to capture its majesty. This was apparently a rather large full moon, 30 percent larger than normal due to its closer distance to the earth.

I enjoy the extra light of full moons which brighten up the landscape. I couldn't resist photographing this stream, with the moonlight so strong it cast shadows on the water.

The full moon brings out the coyotes, and as they howl the world seems just a little wilder. Tomorrow I'll highlight some of the other wildlife that's out at night--I have some incredible pictures, so be sure to check back!


The Incredible Woody said...

Beautiful moonscapes!!

Anonymous said...

The 1st photo almost doesn't look real. Awesome pix. I have nearly driven off the road a couple of times looking at the full moon rising. One night I was sitting on my patio when the full moon rose between two large pine trees nearby. As it got higher in the sky, it seemed as if I had a spotlight only on me. It was a very special moment.


Caroline said...


All the pix are awesome, Desert Survivor!!! Can't wait to see the wildlife pictures tomorrow.

I’m fortunate to live in a spot enabling me experiences of sunrise and sunset. I love them. And the man in the moon too….

This world is a splendid place to be!

Sarah T. said...

How did you get your moon picture to turn out like that? Mine always end up like blobs.

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