Sunday, December 28, 2008

Desert Boy's New Fashion Statement

I like to have light-hearted posts on Sunday reflecting family fun, and Desert Boy sure cooperated this time. He's developing more of a fashion sense, despite his flyaway hair.

He pulled on some cowboy boots and wanted his "monkey on his back" put on. But something was missing, and he went in search of it--his hat.

This isn't any old hat, it's his Fire Chief hat. I mean, what else would you want to wear with your glow-in-the dark backhoe pajamas, cowboy boots, and monkey leash?

He was totally confident in his fashion statement.

He even modeled the back so we could get the full effect.

And then it was time to get to work in his outfit--reading. What a good boy.


The Incredible Woody said...

I think he totally pulled it off!!

Caroline said...

He looks like a GhostBuster!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for a much needed laugh. Will he bring this ensemble to Indy for the New Year celebrations??

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