Monday, December 8, 2008

Desert Destination: A Cold Lake

I think because we live in the dry, desolate desert, we are attracted to water. That would certainly explain why I post more photos of water than dry terrain in this blog! Last weekend we took a detour to visit a nearby lake.

The lake is very popular for fishing. During the summer lots of boats dot the blue waters, while in the winter ice shacks are set up over holes in the ice. The main catch is rainbow trout, although northern pike have invaded and are also found in the lake. They aren't good for the rainbow trout population.

We didn't have any fishing gear with us, so we had to entertain ourselves by throwing rocks into the water. Desert Boy was happy to participate.

He spent a lot of time throwing rocks.

And throwing another rock.

And another.

But don't worry, I realize I've had a lot of posts about Desert Boy lately, so here's some other information about where we were. This is rabbitbrush with some seeds still clinging on despite the chilly temperatures.

There were a number of birds out on the lake, including this American Coot. It's easy to tell apart from other waterfowl with its all-white bill.

Here are a couple more coots, also called mudhens, swimming away. The birds didn't seem to like having their photos taken.

It was fun seeing the lake before it gets covered with ice for the next few months. The cool temperatures seemed to make the water look icy blue, and it was definitely cold. The wind pierced our coats and made the water choppy. We definitely live in the cold desert!


The Incredible Woody said...


Caroline said...

Buuurrrrrrr....shiver, shiver.

Looks so chilly, but beautiful AND fun. Desert Boy is a very lucky little fellow!


Sarah said...

Great color on that last photo!


A said...

You know, of course, that we LIKE the lots of posts about Desert Boy :) (at least I do).

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