Sunday, September 12, 2010

What Every Kid Needs in the Backyard

We went to a party at some friends' house, and the kids were instantly enamored with the fun new toys. Desert Boy loves trampolines and jumped and jumped. Then Grandpa took Desert Girl up there for her turn, and she thought it was pretty fun, too.

But a trampoline, fun as it is, isn't what every kid needs in the backyard. After all, trampolines can be a little (or a lot) dangerous, and out here in the desert they have a nasty habit of blowing out of yards when dust devils come and stir up the yard ornaments.

So what is it that every kid needs in the backyard?

Well, for this model, we started out standing on a 55-gallon drum.

Notice the red rope? It's connected to a pulley.

And the pulley?
It's on a zipline.
A zipline that goes all the way across the yard.

Now how cool is that?

Desert Boy was a little short to disembark by himself, but fortunately his cousin Caleb was willing and able to help him.

Desert Boy agreed with me that this was an awesome thing, and repeated the zipline over and over. I had never seen him hold on to a bar that long.

We have discovered the solution to improving American youth's fitness: install ziplines at all schools. If the kids have fun playing outdoors and have to be strong to do it, they will!

To see Desert Boy in action, check out the video.


The Incredible Woody said...

Love a zipline!!

maucotel said...

This is what I always wanted as a kid! I think Caleb's return of the zipline was the best part of the video. ha ha.

Anonymous said...

Me too! Me too! I wanna do it too! :o) It looks like Desert Boy had a blast! Love the smile!

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