Saturday, October 11, 2008

Surprise Snowstorm

We woke up this morning to discover snow outside! The weather forecasters had warned us that we might have rainin the morning turning into afternoon snow, but right from the beginning we had two inches of snow. I got all excited, I always do when we have new snow, even if it isn't yet the middle of October.

Before we could go out, though, we had to get properly outfitted. We didn't have our snow clothes ready, but I was able to find a snow suit that sort of fit Desert Boy, along with some boots that made it difficult for him to walk, and hat and mittens. He loves to be outside no matter the weather.

We went down to the lower yard, where the normally drab stack of tires looked a little more artistic with a layer of snow covering it.

Fortunately there isn't so much snow that the giant loader has to be called into action. The snow is putting a damper on chopping corn and baling hay this morning.

The cows still are eating away, and getting fed a little extra today since they're burning off extra calories to stay warm.

This calf is just adorable, with her dirty nose, big eyes, and slightly damp hair. 

We'll be back out to play in the snow soon, after Desert Boy wakes up from a nap. All the excitement wore him out. And after I make a big pot of stew for lunch--we need that on a day like today! The forecasters warned that we might have power outages due to tree limbs breaking and falling on the power lines, so if I'm not back bright and early tomorrow morning, be assured that I'll be up just as soon as possible. Have a good weekend! 


Anonymous said...

Don't want to think of snow yet. Our leaves haven't even turned pretty colors. Are your tomatoes frozen?

Dessert Survivor said...

Desert Boy looks totally befuddled. He must be wondering why everything is white.

And what a nice paint job on those eaves in the first picture. I wonder who did such fine work.

Sliv said...

Beautiful white cold and wet. Desert Boy will soon be in his element here, too, though his memory bank is not quite kicking in yet. I think he likes the snow, and not the suit. Bundled up is too restrictive. I'm getting fabulous fall colors every where: MA to NJ, and warmish fall days. It doesn't get very cold at night either. By today, your storm may be gone.

Desert Survivor said...

The tomatoes are very frozen, but it is beautiful (and yes, the eaves are nice and white!). I guess Desert Boy might not be eating too many unfried green tomatoes now.

I'll be posting some more photos later this week. We are supposed to gradually warm up and this snow will disappear and we'll return to autumn.

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