Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Feedlot

It's fall, which means it's time to move the cows off the summer range. Some go to winter range, while others are brought into the feedlots. In addition to feeding our own cows, we also feed cows for other people.

As you might imagine, one of the main activities in a feedlot is feeding. The feed wagon usually distributes feed to the cows anywhere from two to five times a day. Can you imagine having food delivered to you that many times a day and never having to prepare it? On the surface, it sounds really good! Of course, when you realize how repetitive the feed is (a mixture of hay, barley, corn), it might not sound quite as tempting.

Usually you see the cows bent over the feed, eagerly chewing it up so that it can go into their first stomachs and then be regurtitated later so they can chew the cud and send it back down through their digestive system. This photo shows what the cows look like from behind, just in case you were wondering.

These calves, a black angus and a red angus, take a break from eating to glare at me. Don't they look mean? Usually cows have such sweet dispositions, but I don't think these two like having their brunch interrupted.

This particular calf escaped from the pen. Instead of being happy about it and eating somewhere along the trough, she just stares at me. Maybe she likes having her picture taken.


flatbow said...

What would happen if these cows got wind of the Great Bovine Rebellion of the Black Hills? Oh my, what a terrifying thought!

The Incredible Woody said...

I love the escapee!! Doesn't look quite sure of what to do next!

Coloradolady said...

Oh, I love cows. The one that got away is adorable. Very interesting post and love your pictures of these animals.

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