Saturday, August 7, 2010

A Starry, Musical Night

One of the benefits of living in the desert is the lack of atmosphere. That means low humidity and clear night skies, without too much bending of light rays and so forth. I'd try to explain further, but I don't want to confuse you with all the technical jargon (ha, ha). I just know that I really appreciate our nighttime temperatures dropping by 20 degrees or more so we can sleep well during the summer.

And when you live out in the middle of nowhere, you also have very low light pollution, making it a wonderful place to enjoy looking up at the night sky. When you see the myriad of stars in the vast night sky, suddenly all your problems seem quite minor.

To celebrate the great night skies, we went to the first evening of an Astronomy Festival at Great Basin National Park last night. There was a concert with a variety of sky- and star-related musical acts, and Desert Boy even got to participate.

He was so eager to sing, he sang the first time all by himself. Then we told him he had to do it again with the other kids, and he willingly obliged. He likes being on center stage, our little drama king (and with the three-year old tantrums he's been having lately, drama king is the perfect nickname for him right now!).

To see more from the concert, click here.


Anonymous said...

Desert Boy and Girl look enthralled.


Emily Hale said...

I miss Great Basin and Baker! Hoping to get out to see you and Jenny soon.

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