Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tasting Applesauce for the First Time

Little Miss Emma has been grabbing at the food while we eat, so one evening when she was particularly vocal, we decided to give her a little try. Yes, I know you're supposed to give rice cereal or something like that as the first food to eat, but I haven't opened a how-to-raise-your-baby book in a couple months. Let's face it, with the first kid you feel like you can't live without the manual. With the second (and I suspect subsequent) kid, you realize that they're fairly resilient and will probably manage okay. Besides, have you ever tried baby rice cereal? It's nasty.

We had applesauce on the table, and that's what we gave her.

She seemed ready to give it a try.

In it goes. Ah, what a different texture. And a different taste. And a different delivery method.

Wait a minute, maybe this food stuff isn't all it's cracked up to be!
Nearly all of it comes back out. Emma has no bib on--you can see that we're really winging it as parents.
Now Emma thinks that maybe it wasn't such a horrible experience. Maybe it would be fun to eat a little more.

Or maybe not.

And the fun continues!


Anonymous said...

Nice expression on the last photo!


Anonymous said...

Love the t-shirt!

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