Saturday, February 21, 2009

Road Art

One road near my house has a bunch of road art on it, art on fence posts and wires. The man who started the tradition called it "Post Impression Art." He had a number of wonderful artworks out that over time blew away in the wind or were removed by the BLM. Nevertheless, other people add to the artwork from time to time. Here's a small sampling today. I love the one above, a well-done play on the "Great Basin."

Sometimes the artwork isn't a visual pun, but rather just something eye catching that helps relieve the monotony of the fences.

Here's a recycling post. 

One of the long-time favorites of the area is the horse driving the old Model-T. He's a reliable driver, there every day. Except when someone steals him. That's happened twice--what is with people who think it's fun to steal a horse skeleton and leave the car without a driver?


Sarah said...

Looks like you may have a Southerner in your midst... Perhaps someone got a little homesick for Dixieland.

Caroline said...

Outstanding! I would love to see this road.


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