Friday, September 8, 2017

Women in the Mountains Bike Clinic - Ely, Nevada

 Ely Outdoor Enthusiasts announced that there would be a mountain bike clinic in Ely, Nevada, led by pro mountain bike rider Erica Tingey of Women in the Mountains. It's been years since I've ridden my mountain bike somewhat seriously, so I thought this would be a great opportunity and signed up. On Friday night we met at Sportsworld to meet each other and for a bike check. While it was clear that my bike was older, it got the go-ahead. The next morning we practiced skills out in the street (forgot to take any photos!). After lunch we headed to Loop G trail at Ward Mountain Campground.  It started with a climb, but since we stopped frequently to discuss techniques, it wasn't so hard.

Here's Erica. She's a great instructor.

We had fun hamming it up! Some of the things we covered on the uphill were the best way to start on a hill, holding onto a tree to stop and balance, positioning on the bike, cadence, and more.

We had a few switchbacks, which gave us extra challenges.

Then it was time for the downhill. Whee! That was fun. Now it was time to practice our neutral and ready positions, cornering, and speed control.

When I got back to the parking lot, I couldn't resist jumping over the curb a few times, something we had practiced earlier in the day. The clinic gave me a lot of confidence and desire to go out mountain biking more. Plus now I know what to look for if I decide to buy a new bike. I had never even heard of dropper seats before, but apparently they're a game changer!

I finished off with a photo of me with Erica. You can read more on Erica's blog about the great time.
Where do you like to go mountain biking?

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