Sunday, July 30, 2017

Exploring Devil's Gate Slot Canyon

We headed out to Gandy Warm Springs one Saturday with friends. We had lots of fun swimming in the "deep" section. After we were good and wet, we decided it was time to head to nearby Devil's Gate slot canyon (click the link for a map on how to get there). 

The hike starts in the wash, and it's a little hot. We kept an eye out for rattlesnakes. (none seen)

Before long, we rounded a turn and saw big obstacles ahead. The kids were so excited. They love anything that is adventurous and seems difficult.

The floor dropped out, and it was time to find a way down.

The limestone rock was very slippery, so we had to proceed slowly.

More kids going down. We let them lead.

Lots of smiles!

One dog made it down, but our dog stayed up, watching nervously.

More smiles!

The boys had found a spot to scamper up.

Desert Girl found another.

And Willow found a cool opening.

The canyon was over way too fast! The kids wandered around, and the adults lingered more, enjoying this respite from the desert heat. Plus the rock is so beautiful. This is well worth a detour if you're headed to warm springs. And that's where we headed afterwards for a second swim, as you can never have too much swimming in one day!

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