Tuesday, June 6, 2017

A Trip Up Lexington Canyon, South Snake Range

 One Sunday in early May we decided to go up Lexington Canyon and check it out. This area burned several years ago, and subsequent flash floods had washed out the road in places. I was surprised to see a culvert back in place and relatively easy travel (meaning we didn't have to use 4 LOW, high clearance and 4 HIGH were sufficient).

We drove to the end of the road on the Lexington Arch spur. ATVs can go farther, but we didn't want to risk damage to our truck, so we got out and walked.

Our new dog was happy to go exploring with us.

Desert Girl is very much into entomology, so she was noticing the colorful beetles.

I was enthralled with the flowers, like this scarlet gilia.

After awhile, we turned around, and Desert Girl wanted to walk back in the old creekbed, so we went over there. To my surprise, we soon saw water emerging from the rocks and were following a little creek.

When we got back to the truck, Desert Boy and I got on bikes and biked down the road. Desert Boy didn't think he was going to like it, but he soon changed his mind.

We stopped periodically to photograph flowers (maybe an Agoseris?)

As we were preparing to cross the creek on our bikes, I heard a rattling. We went back and found a rattlesnake!

Some areas have recovered well from the fire, and others not so great.

My husband and Desert Girl went up the north fork while Desert Boy and I continued whizzing down, almost no pedaling required.

The riparian vegetation is coming back great, especially the cottonwoods and rose.

The wildflowers were gorgeous. Here's a pink penstemon.

We stopped at the cabin and thought about what it would have been to live in this area 120 years ago.

Then to more flowers. (Maybe Penstemon pachyphyllus?)

A buckwheat, I believe.

More penstemon.

And more penstemon.

Here's a view of the culvert. Water was trying to creep around the side, so I don't know how long it will last.

A blue/purple flower, but it's not penstemon!
 This is larkspur.

And something bright and orange to finish: globemallow!
I haven't been to Lexington Arch in years, maybe this will be the year to get there! As you can see, there's lots more to see than the arch in this canyon. 

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