Tuesday, September 13, 2016

A Memorable Trip to Ibex, Millard County, Utah

 We wanted to do a family camping trip, so we headed to the Ibex cliffs and hard pan about 50 miles west of Delta, Utah. This is a well-known climbing area, and Desert Girl couldn't resist climbing up one of the boulders. There were some neat arches on the underside.

Then she told me to climb up so she could take my photo.

We found a fun camping spot near one of the big boulders. We hung out a bit in the shade.

Desert Boy was eager to use his new stove. We also had the tire-rim fire pit my husband made.

Then it was time to go for a hike. We drove south across the playa and to some neat looking cliffs. The kids weren't too excited to go hiking, but we made them go anyway. Desert Girl was not shy about letting her feelings known.

The hike involved some scrambling, which made it extra fun.

Desert Girl was happy she did the little hike.

A bit farther south was Ibex well, where we found an old trough.

There's a big water tank next to the well. It's definitely a landmark.

The pump looked really big, so that well must be deep.

The wind was coming from the south, which meant we would have a nice tailwind riding back to camp. The playa was so flat I could ride with no hands, something that impressed the kids.

And why not take a selfie while bike riding?

We found a little motocross track and made a few laps.

Desert Girl started doing some tricks.

After dinner we went out for a walk on the playa, where we found someone had left a lot of trash.

As we continued walking, we found some fun short cliffs to scramble up and some beautiful light.

The kids were in a good mood and ready to pose.

 We kept going up the cliffs for awhile just because it was fun.

Hurray, some smiles!

The kids are getting more into taking photos.

When we got back, we made a fire, but it was windy and embers were flying everywhere, so we didn't keep it going for long.

We entertained ourselves with some light painting. The kids tried to write their names. The first attempts looked kind of like a heartbeat.

The star and heart turned out well.

Then I cloned myself.

And look at how many kids!

We set up our tent in the shelter of the big boulder. But then the wind turned and blew so hard that it broke the tent and we got very little sleep.
It was still a fun trip, and I look forward to going back. But I think I'll check the wind forecast!

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Unknown said...

The wind might have blown, but the night sky is killer. I can't wait to get under the stars like this in OR! Looks like a good time was had by all, once everyone embraced it!

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