Saturday, February 6, 2016

Visiting the Baby Goats

 My sister-in-law has some goats, and they recently gave birth. She posted photos and videos of these cute little baby goats (called "kids"), and finally we were able to find a time when we could get over and see them in person. Oh my, they were darling!

We came during feeding time, so most of the goats were pretty active. Two kids fell asleep under the trailer, though. They know they can eat from their moms anytime.

The kids had a chance to hold the baby goats. They were a little more tentative than I thought they would be.

They still managed some smiles, even though they were a little nervous.

Then the cousins came home and joined the fun.

We've had a cold spell, so that's been hard on the baby goats, but overall they seem to have done well. They certainly are getting lots of attention and will be pretty tame!


Andrea said...

I LOVE baby goats!! Every time I get close to convincing the rest of the family we should get some baby goats, they remind me that baby goats grow up...

Sandy said...

Cute cute cute! Actually, I'm taking care of full grown goats this week while my friend is out of town! Can't wait!=)

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