Sunday, June 15, 2014

An Evening Kayak

 One warm summer evening we decided we should go out on the water. We loaded our inflatable kayaks and headed down to Pruess Lake. Henry came with--we couldn't leave our water dog behind! While my husband and the kids tried their luck fishing, I went for a solo paddle.

 I interrupted two great horned owls. They separated and watched me go past. The grebes kept preceding me until I got too close, then they dove underwater and came up far behind me.

I stopped at the dam, constructed in the 1800s. The water levels on the rock showed that the water used to be much higher. It's never gotten high enough to use the overflow, as the porous limestone rock proves to be a little leaky (much to water developers' chagrin over a hundred years ago). I stuck my paddle in the water and found that it was only about five feet deep.

After I got back, Desert Boy went for a paddle with me in the opposite direction. We made some rocks our destination, with cool clouds overhead.

The setting sun made everything especially scenic.

Desert Boy celebrated his paddling prowess. He did well enough we paddled quite a bit more.

My arms were sore, but he wanted to continue.

Meanwhile, Desert Girl was delighted to find a cupful of shells on the edge of the lake. It was a really pleasant evening for all of us.
Here's to enjoying summer evenings. Only a few more days until the longest day of the year for the Northern Hemisphere!

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