Tuesday, June 19, 2012

More Friday Night Carnival Photos

I just went through my photos and found some more goodies from Friday night I couldn't resist sharing.

 Here's more of an overview shot of the turtle ride. Yee haw!

 Desert Girl liked the ladder but kept falling off.

 Just before she falls!

 Desert Boy's expression on the first loop of the roller coaster ride.

 His expression on the second loop.

 My husband going on the roller coaster.

 He's grinning.

 Desert Girl apparently had some other ideas.

 She's back to happy on the turtle ride.

 What the carnival looked like from the corner.

 Desert Girl back on the obstacle course (in another outfit after a blowout).

 Teenagers waiting for the roller coaster.

 'I think this is fun'
 Around again.

 Getting scrambled.

My turn on the coaster. Yep, I was brave enough to ride it. And it was great!


The Incredible Woody said...

The carnival looks like it was a complete success! So many happy faces! Well, except for one... :)

desert safari Dubai said...

soooo cute, lovely Pictures....!

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