Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Mountain Home Range-Part Two

Every good adventure needs some good food, so as it was approaching lunch time we found a good picnic spot and unloaded the coolers so everyone could browse and fix what they wanted for lunch.

The spot we stopped at was a little cabin fairly high up in the mountains. There was no sign at it, but I think it's on private land. Like most isolated cabins, it was unlocked so people wouldn't break in. The inside was relatively clean and simple, although like all cabins, had a fair number of mouse droppings. With hanta virus, I don't know if I would be willing to take the chance of sleeping inside, but probably a good cleaning would help. This area gets used a lot in the fall by hunters. Whoever owns this, thanks for the use of your picnic table!
Desert Girl shows more and more interest in food, and her uncle was willing to oblige her. At first she looks a little concerned about mouthing some chocolate cookie.
But then I think she decided she really wanted more!
We continued up higher, finally leaving the pinyon and juniper and getting into some higher sagebrush. The views kept improving as we could see more and more of the Great Basin and distant snow-covered ranges.
We took a spur road and ended up on a ridge. It was time to stop to not only enjoy the views and stretch our legs, but also to go insect hunting.
Everyone enjoyed the beautiful rest stop, even the three dogs with us.
One vista.
Lola was particularly good at catching grasshoppers. She was really fast and could track them down and capture them quickly.
Once a grasshopper had been captured, it was transferred to the bug cage.

Then it was time to show it off. Ed takes a look and does the appropriate oohi
ng and ahhing.
Then it was Grandma Sylvia's turn.

The bigger kids entertained themselves for awhile with the Matthew game, which consisted of swinging him in the air. You can see that he is really enjoying this game. He didn't want them to stop.

But eventually it was time for the Matthew tossing game! He liked that a lot, too! And I was thankful that his cousins had so much energy.

To be continued...


The Incredible Woody said...

This is turning out to be one fantastic day! said...

The scenery was incredibly vast and beautiful, the companionship the best, and the fun total. Great day.

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