Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Desert Boy Conquers the Box

I asked Desert Boy if he wanted a box to play with. He looked at me with his big blue eyes, nodded his head emphatically, and said, "Yes." So I got a box and put it on the floor. He started out looking at it, trying to figure out what to do with it.

First he stuck his head in. Do you like the monkey on his back? I was trying to get him ready for an upcoming trip. He likes wearing the monkey, especially with a little flashlight attached so he can be an explorer like his dear friend, Dora the Explorer.

Next came an attempt to step into the box...

...which was successful, but a box can be unsteady...

...and out fell Desert Boy.

He tried to get in again...

..but ended up crashing. My, how much entertainment one box can provide!

He was on the floor, but decided he wasn't going to let the box win. Go, Desert Boy, go.

He's stepping back in...

...but the box overturns.

Desert Boy pouts. He's definitely getting ready for those terrible twos.

He gives me this whimpering look, and I tell him to suck it up and try again. Don't let a cardboard box beat you, boy.

And then, success! He manages to sit in the box. With the monkey.

Ah, what sweet contentment.

But it doesn't last for long, because after all, it's kind of fun to crash.

I'm wondering how much more use Desert Boy and the monkey can get out of the box!


The Incredible Woody said...

A box - the best toy EVER!

Caroline said...

Cats love them, too!

Old Hunter said...

My son also has a George of the Jungle Monkey and loves it. The last picture is absolutely precious! He'll look back on that in the world did I ever get into that box.?!!?!?!

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