Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Where are the Deserts of the World?

Non-polar arid regions of the world. USGS Image. Click on image to enlarge it.

Did you ever wonder how many deserts are in the world? I did a little research and was astonished at how many deserts exist. Deserts are found on every continent, and each one is a little different. I'm thinking it would be an interesting goal to visit each desert, and I wonder if anyone ever has. 

Keep in mind that a desert is not necessarily hot, it just doesn't get much precipitation. If you missed the post about what is a desert, click here.

The following list of deserts comes from Wikipedia:

Sahara – the world's largest hot desert 
Kalahari – southern Africa
Namib – Southern Africa
Antarctica – the interior of the continent is the world's largest desert
Gobi – a desert in Mongolia
Taklamakan – a desert located in China
Ordos – a desert in northern China
Kara Kum – a large Central Asian desert
Kyzyl Kum – a desert located in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan
Thar- Cholistan – a desert in India and Pakistan
Dasht-e Lut - a large salt desert in southeastern Iran ,and the hottest place on earth.
Dasht-e Kavir – a desert in center of Iran
Gibson Desert – a central Australian desert
Great Sandy Desert – a northwestern Australian desert
Great Victoria Desert
Simpson Desert – a central Australian desert
Little Sandy Desert – a western Australian desert
Strzelecki Desert – a south-central Australian desert
Tanami Desert – a northern Australian desert
New Zealand
Rangipo Desert – a barren high altitude desert on the North Island Volcanic Plateau in New Zealand
Accona Desert - a desert in Tuscany, Italy
Bardenas Reales - a desert in Navarra, Spain
Błędowska Desert – a desert located in Lesser Poland Voivodeship, Poland
Deliblatska Peščara - a desert located in Vojvodina, Serbia
Hálendi – a region of Iceland and Europe's largest desert
Oltenian Sahara – a desert spanning approximately 80.000 hectares or 800 km² in the Romanian historical province of Oltenia
Tabernas Desert – a desert in Almería, Spain.
Middle East
Arabian Desert – a vast desert complex on the Arabian Peninsula comprising the Al-Dahna Desert, Empty Quarter, Nefud Desert and other deserts
Dasht-e Kavir – a desert in central Iran
Dasht-e Lut – a large salt desert in southeastern Iran
Judean Desert – a desert in eastern Israel and in the West Bank
Negev – a desert located in southern Israel
Desert of Sin / Zin Desert (Bible usage) – a desert located on the Sinai Peninsula
North America
Great Basin Desert – the largest desert in North America, located in the western United States
Mojave Desert – a desert located primarily in southeastern California
Chihuahuan Desert – the second largest desert in North America, in the United States and Mexico
Sonoran Desert – a desert located in the United States and Mexico
South America
Patagonian Desert – the largest desert by area in the Americas, located in Argentina
La Guajira Desert – a desert in northern Colombia
Atacama – a desert in Chile, the driest place on Earth
Sechura Desert – a desert located along a portion of the northwestern coast of South America
Monte Desert – in Argentina, a smaller desert above the Patagonian

So which desert would you like to visit next?


Anonymous said...

Southwest Madagascar is also very arid.
It is the only desert that i have visited.
Rainfall is around 8 inches a year.

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