Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Underground with Kids

Back in January we joined some friends for a kid-friendly caving trip. We had six kids and three adults and were ready for some fun!

This cave was a short hike away and then had a slightly challenging downclimb to get into the cave. Then it opened up and we could walk.

I've found kids are naturals in caves, especially when they are ready to explore a little. We teach them the rules, talk about cave conservation, and then, boom, they're off exploring. Despite their small size, most kids don't like to push tight spots. I had them follow me through a belly crawl, and they were wondering if they would make it. I had to explain that if I fit, they could definitely fit. They weren't super excited about it, but they made it! Then we got into bigger passage.

This cave doesn't have many speleothems, but these little soda straws caught my eye.

 One of the highlights is going up a handline to an upper section. Some of the kids were scared, but they all conquered their fears and made it.

Here's to the future generations of cave explorers!

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Dean Hale said...

What's the name of the cave?

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